The key to more profitable payroll: Full automation.

With Payroll Relief, you can:

  • Reduce compliance headaches. Configure Payroll Relief to perform direct deposit, tax payment, tax-form e-filing, and child support-related tasks automatically, on time, with 100% guaranteed accuracy.
  • Minimize or even eliminate data entry and printing
  • Take advantage of next-generation batch processing

And you get all this power for a very modest investment... as little as 50¢ per paycheck.

The result: a more profitable, no-hassle payroll service.

Key benefits of Payroll Relief

Payroll Relief provides you with a no-hassle payroll system that offers:

•    Streamlined payroll processing

•    Comprehensive functions

•    Automated compliance

•    Collaboration with clients

•    Additional services

•    Seamless integration

•    Comprehensive reporting

•    Marketing and training

•    Management tools

*AccountantsWorld meets all liability and bonding requirements.


First Year Special – Process 3,000 paychecks in the first year for just $1,495*. (Additional paychecks within the first year are $0.50/check)

After the first year, Payroll Relief offers two very competitively priced billing options:
  • Pay per Paycheck – As low as $0.50 per check.

  • Pay per Payroll – For lower volume users.

* Restrictions apply. Offer only valid for new Payroll Relief customers. May be withdrawn any time without notice.